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      IHP is supposed to become the Django/Rails/Phoenix of Haskell.

      I’ve been using Django professionally for since 2013, but have started using IHP a couple of weeks ago. It’s still quite early but with surprisingly few rough edges, i.e. the developer ergonomics are much better than I expected. It has great documentation that is improving rapidly (as opposed to many other Haskell libraries, which provide little more than API docs or even just the typed function definitions) and offers a refreshing take on database management and migrations.

      Some of its killer features:

      • HSX, a JSX-like template language that looks like HTML while providing type safety
      • Auto live reloading without the need to setup anything
      • Documentation with examples: it lets you query the database without learning about monads
      • it defines |> for you ;-)
      • type-safe, composable SQL queries:
      projects <- query @Project
        |> filterWhere (#userId, userId)
        |> filterWhere (#deleted, False)
        |> orderBy #createdAt
        |> fetch
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        it defines |> for you


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          See here for its implementation.

          I prefer my code snipped from above to using & or . for composition for this specific use case.

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