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    Is Idris development aiming at getting “production ready” (for whatever that would mean to its author) at all, or remain a pure research vehicle?

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      Very interesting that it’s faster than the previous version written in Haskell. I’d love to hear more about what the contributing factors were to the performance increase.

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        This question has come up a few times, so I’ve rattled off a thing that I think covers the main factors: https://www.type-driven.org.uk/edwinb/why-is-idris-2-so-much-faster-than-idris-1.html

        tl;dr: it turns out it’s much easier to improve performance spectacularly when it starts so bad :)

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          While you are here, is the Type Driven Development book still relevant? It’s from 2017 so I am somewhat skeptical how relevant it is now.

          I’d like to give Idris a go :)

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              Once Idris 2 is released, do you have any plans to update the book / produce a new edition?

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            Thank you!