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    I’m really excited that interest seems to be piqued around unikernels again, I think they’re a really cool technology and I love the idea of an OS as a library.

    The first generation a few years ago seemed to kind of fizzle, and I think people didn’t want to write appliances when they felt they had perfectly good applications already. This round seems more about providing unikernels that provide a complete set of linux syscalls (allowing applications to run unmodified), but I hope if it does take off the door will be open to smaller, more specialised library OSs again.

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      Yeah, me too! Hopefully the collective revolt against deep complexity will yield more manageable, specialized tools. It seems like this is a good opportunity for people to understand “everything” (okay… more) that they are running. Plus, it has security and performance benefits.

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      Warning: The audio gets kind of rough in the second half of the talk, but it is really interesting nonetheless.