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    The point about double billing was a joke, but haha, only serious. I don’t like that I have apparently signed up for an unpaid internship as a product manager with 100 different companies. I’m paying in part so that I don’t have to think about how to do things better.

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      It’s ironic that the rant is about step 6 when steps 3-5 are unrelated and could just be dispensed with.

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        I would say that 3-5 are the result of peer pressure, which is interesting because step 6 is partly as well. There’s a kind of social norm being established where if you don’t leave a review, that makes you a bad citizen. Quote: “And I’m selfish: I often make recipes on the basis of the number of stars.” If I only read reviews, then I am somehow unfairly benefiting from the labor of others.

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          I rate places if they were bad as a way to punish them.

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            Yeah. But when I’m asked to rate the person who actually performed the work, I rate that 5/5 no matter what. I’m not interested in getting them fired because my drink didn’t have a straw, or something stupid like that; I’m not going to perpetuate that sort of abusive employment practice.

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              I’d never ding somebody for a small mistake but if they’re purposefully rude to me then I will.

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            But then there would only be 3 steps and it would be easy! I thought the author was doing steps 3-5 to work out the rating to give in 6?

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            Huh? My experience is:
            1. Decide and plan to do the thing
            2. Do the thing
            3. Optional: Take a photo of the people you are with or the view or whatever, copy it to NAS when you get back home
            3. Get email asking you to rate the business a few days later, click spam button