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    I wanted to tag this as ‘clojure’ but lisp was the closest. I was surprised that clojure is not a tag, given that it’s a pretty popular language.

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      Here, Clojure is lumped in with the other Lisps, as it is a Lisp. Common Lisp, Scheme, Clojure – all the same tag.

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        This article, however, involves using Clojure type hints to generate an efficient algorithm; it isn’t actually applicable if you are using a Lisp. (Meanwhile, people who like Lisp actually often dislike Clojure, and vice versa, based on the posts I’ve read from a bunch of mailing lists while I was doing due diligence on the language.)

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          I see it like I see how C, C++ and Objective C can be lumped together (which makes less sense than the Lisp grouping); most of the time the basic concepts will apply. This is an example of an edge case, and I would personally prefer not have too many categories. My $0.02.