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      Ages ago I explicitly got a Dreamcast to run NetBSD on it. It a pretty interesting device, given that you can buy keyboards for it (to my understanding mostly intended to chat in online games) and that it comes with a modem that one can replace for an ethernet card - as in it has an easy to use slot intended to do so.

      The hardest part was finding a disc to burn images to. Only took a bit of trial and error though.

      In case anyone is interested. There is a HOWTO to do so:


      NFS and said ethernet card aren’t required, but it will make things more enjoyable.

      There’s also a video on the topic.


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      This is quickly becoming my favourite feature of an already fun blog.

      I reckon a CR2032 would work just fine with a blocking diode inserted.

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        It’s possible, I suppose. Still, it’s nice that it does recharge, but I agree it would be a lot more convenient.

        Thanks for the kind word :)