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“The aim of the research is to investigate if people are able to detect whether photographs have been digitally altered or not.”


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    The study looks to be interesting due to the self-reported confidence score and since they ask you to guess which part of the photo is altered even if you don’t think the photo is altered - allowing a secondary analysis of altered photos marked as not-altered. I missed four altered images but am curious if my guesses for alteration location were informative - they don’t say in the summary result.

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      5/10…apparently I’m overly suspicious of manipulated images. Sad.

      I had all the best graphics, the biggest photographs, absolutely yuuuge resolution. :(

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        9/10. I’m suspicious but when I just can’t find faults, I can’t :(

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          LOL, I scored 5/10 too and thought to myself “hey, that’s not too bad!”