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    This is very short-sighted in my opinion. Using raw kubernetes when you’re a small company/startup can be a huge mistake, as there will be a lot of low-level ops work to do in order to operate the cluster. The same goes with using microservices in the early days of a startup.

    Finally, I’m still waiting to see actual data on “containers are less expensive”. I’d expect a monolith running on a single, or couple of instances to be way less expensive than a full cluster with 20 services on it.

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      Hi Damien, I’m Dan — the author of the blog post. The article is not meant to suggest that Kubernetes is a solution to every problem. And It doesn’t aim at starting a debate whatever microservices or monoliths are the right (or wrong) way to build applications. I apologise if it came across that way. The article is meant to explain the reason why Kubernetes came to be in the very first place. Most of the “What is Kubernetes?” articles on the internet do a very poor job of explaining why we need such a complex system. And they don’t set the scene on why it was created in the very first place. If there’s something I could do to make it more clear, please let me know and I will amend the article. Thanks for taking the time to share the feedback.

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        Containers are a lot lighter than virtual machines so if you are running a lot of VMs you could save money switching to containers.