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    Emacs has a lot of productivity tools beside just editing text. I found the org mode so refreshing and easy to use. This project amazes me what people are able to build on top of both Emacs and org mode.

    I know that El in the name is there because of Emacs Lisp, however it seems to me that the author missed an opportunity to call this Elegantt

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      I am perpetually in love with the complex things created by people for Emacs. Even though I will most likely never use this, I’m astounded and congratulate the author on creating it.

      “Operating system with a text editor”, indeed.

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        It amuses me to see Emacs people going very far not to use any other tools but Emacs itself. Not that I don’t respect it, as someone who really tried to use Emacs for months, nothing but respect for those with the patience.

        Regarding Gantt charts, I love OmniPlan. Perhaps it’s on the expensive side, and unfortunately you’re limited to macOS, but I’ve found it’s the only decent Gantt chart tool for Mac.

        They just rolled out version 4, which hints a move towards subscription-based pseudo-ownership, but they kept the traditional buy-once model available, so there’s that.

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          Speaking as an emacs user, its not so much that I will do anything to stay in emacs, but more the fact that emacs provides me an environment to integrate all these tools cohesively.