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    Honestly, I’m not sure I still understand the complete scope of how the entire compiler works. A lot of it seemingly works by magic.

    So, like all good mad scientists, that’s the point where you unleash your creation upon an unsuspecting populace?

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      Not only will this allow you to run your code with industrial strength brainfuck compilers and interpreters, it will free you from banging your head against a wall over weird memory behavior.

      Simplify you life by just going with brainfuck compatibility mode. I think that is all the context I needed to realize how utterly nerdy and fun the project must have been for the author.

      And seriously, implementing pointers, stack and heap handling, and things like register logic - that must be beautifully abstract and remote from everyday life and another Angular service.

      These must be some of the best head-against-the-wall kinds of problems ever.