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    This was a really great read, I’m quite impressed and saved it to share with solarpunk communities I’m a part of. A good example of these fusion tropes in recent scifi literature is Walkaway from Cory Doctorow, it is a fantastic read. Others wanting to experience a more diverse cyberpunk/solarpunk network might enjoy Secure Scuttlebutt

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      Thanks! I’ve been working up to spending some time on SSB but haven’t had the time yet. I’ve put Walkaway on my list for when I’ve finished Cyriak Harris’ Horse Destroys The Universe.

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      DAE Lunarpunk?

      Anyway I don’t get why you say: “Whether Solarpunk the aesthetic and Solarpunk the culture will stay separate from a political alignment is yet to be seen. “

      Any post-capitalist utopia is itself very politically aligned, either towards radical progress (FALC, De-Growth, etc etc) or towards reaction (NRx, Anprim, etc, etc). How is SolarPunk not political if, as you say, stems out of FALGSC? I know a few people in the environment and they are either AnCom or De-Growth socialist. Last question: why asking yourself if it’s real? An utopia loses its power if it becomes real. Shouldn’t we avoid the rationalization of it to preserve its power? Cyberpunk was a powerful dystopia exactly because it was hard to connect to immediate reality and played different keys from the political criticism of its time.