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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      The first 9front hackathon. Starting this weekend, ending next weekend. 11 9front hackers are converging on Malaga as we speak.

      Not sure what part I will hack on yet, maybe scalability, maybe security, maybe compilers, maybe helping with recent cjk input method work.

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        Will there be a way to “tune in”? 9front is like a TV show I check in with once in a few blue moons 🙂

        Get a Standard ML implementation working with one of the native plan 9 c compilers!

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          I know Andrey Mirtchovski ported OCaml and I believe an ancient MosML many many years ago (like almost 20), I bet those could be used to slowly boot modern ones version by version.

          edit ah here we go, a more recent port of MosML is still on going: https://github.com/Plan9-Archive/mosml

          (it probably abuses the heck out of APE, I haven’t checked in many years, but it could be useful!)

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      Moored the yacht in Vassiliki, shipped the better half home and am now relaxing on my own, waiting for the family to fly out and join me from Monday. Catching up on some work, swimming in the bay, enjoying coffee and spinach pies and reading. (Crime Fiction mostly.) One of the few weeks of the year my kindle actually earns its keep.

      Also trying out leaving the laptop at home and working from an iPad Air (M1) because it’s more energy efficient, which is important when charging from solar onboard. So far it’s working well, but I’m super glad I picked up the Smart Keyboard with trackpad in, rather than trying to make do with just a Magic Keyboard connected over bluetooth. It’s the closest I’ve gotten to what I’ve wanted since MSFT released the original Surface, where it behaves like a laptop until you rip the screen off then it’s a tablet.

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      Going to IKEA to buy some furniture, and I might go out for a few drinks.

      Project wise, I’m going to setup a Matrix server with some bridges (Slack, Discord, IRC). If anyone has any recommendations, please don’t hesitate.

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      Reading through some e-graph papers, most excited I’ve been about CS in a while (just learned about them yesterday). Progressing through Crafting Interpreters, going to also start re-reading ZACH-LIKE.

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      1. Hacking a bit more on my Quest 2 project. I finally got my Quest 2 talking to my Mac and have gotten one of the VrAPI examples to compile.
      2. Keep working on my novel.
      3. Might resand the patio.
      4. Replace a few more old 2-pin outlets with proper 3 pin ones with shutters.
      5. Build some more of the 10497. I’m taking it slow, one bag per day, to savor the building.
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      Attempting to take it easy this weekend aside from my gym sessions. Looking forward to organizing my vintage computer area and tinkering around with the following on my old systems, especially my Motorola StarMax 4000 MT running BeOS Pro Edition 5.0.3: http://oldvcr.blogspot.com/2022/07/crypto-ancienne-20-now-brings-tls-13-to.html

      Might also take a deeper look at my Apple IIGS’s logic board which sadly suffered some damage from a leaked barrel battery. Watched an episode of Adrian’s Digital Basement where he restored a 286 motherboard that suffered similar damage, so this gives me some hope. Not a project for this weekend, but at least to clean it and treat it soon before taking on that task.

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        My god, love the room <3 I like how a lot more people in the past half decade have been building these home computing museums lol

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          That’s actually my lab in the back of our house. Yes, I’m pretty proud of it, but I’m running out of space.

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            My apologies, I didn’t mean to imply that was MY setup, just that I was going to tackle what was mentioned in that blog post. I should have been clearer about that. All my vintage gear is in a walk-in closet, LOL.

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        Good timing. I just got the PPC egcs for BeOS from a helpful chap and I’m going to see if this can get Cryanc’s TLS 1.3 support up on BeOS instead of having to keep fighting with Metrowerks cc.

        I also may have a solution for NetPositive … more to come on that ;)

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      Tackling the mess in my “retro room” which was where we put all our “don’t know where to put this” stuff. Run a ethernet wire through the ceiling (it’s in the basement) and setup the Windows gaming PC since I have some drives only it can access (damn Windows file systems)… This alone will take most of my weekend I think

      I decided to not review @icefox ’s Garnet after all. Looking at the code, and other information they wrote, it really is just an idea which they express very well already within their project. I wish them a lot of luck but I think the endeavor is more of learning opportunity. I would love instead to see their enthusiasm directed at working on another Standard ML implementation which I saw they pull inspiration from (we need more!).

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        damn Windows file systems

        Hard to infer exactly what you’re up to, but on the off chance this helps you, I’ve had good luck getting read-only access to NTFS drives using the ntfs-3g FUSE driver on Linux.

        1. 2

          It’s actually a weird Windows RAID-like fs, but thanks!

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      Hopefully continuing out Simple Pac-Man in Java with my son (10). Last weekend we just managed to get a screen up and play with the background colours before he got bored. This time we shouldn’t have to set up his development environment (Eclipse), so maybe we manage to draw a ghost or something.

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      This week I’ve published two reasonably long pieces at my blog, so I’m probably going to do some reading on Saturday and just take it lightly. Maybe go for a walk or watch something on YouTube that doesn’t require too much attention.

      Then, I was planning to get started learning ML basics on Sunday. If anyone has any books to recommend, I’d appreciate that.

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      Working on lib-client-py (a ListenBrainz API client) in my free time.

      Development is done in bursts because well, I rarely have time these days. I practically live at work lol.

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      I’m at RustConf in Portland! I’m here through Sunday. I’m listening to talks, meeting people, and doing some recruiting.

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      I spent +6 hours migrating my self hosted stuff (Matrix, Nextcloud, Gitea, blog..) from Digital Ocean to Hetzner. Mostly because Hetzner is cheaper, but as an added bonus the data is hosted in the same country I live in and it’s an european company so it just feels nicer to support. Warm fuzzies and all that.

      I also managed to refactor some code for my game project.

      On saturday I’m going to a pride party in a costume and I hope it’s gonna be fun. :) I also hope that the weather doesn’t get too bad..

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        Strange to call that self-hosted. My self-hosted stuff shuffles its bytes a few metres away from me.

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          Self-hosted-ish? I dont know, I dont do gatekeeping.

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      Off to a cottage with the inlaws, and then kicking the job search into overdrive next week.

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      As little as possible. Saturday I may go to the comic book store and get some pizza. I’m also rereading The Sandman comics before I watch the Netflix show. Continuing to introduce my SO to the View Askewniverse in lieu of Clerks 3 coming out next month.

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      Leaving for a 3 week vacation! Or rather, 3 1-week vacations. I’m probably gonna be dead by the end of it but I’m glad to be finally taking a step back from work.

      The other day I started a small project for a tool to manage and download artwork for non-Steam games on Steam in Racket and I already ended up writing a .vdf codec for reading/modifying the list of games, a Portable Executable parser for extracting icons from game .exe, and I’m pretty sure I’ll have to write some more code to save the icons embedded in the exe to .ico files. Other than that there should just be UI work. Not that I’m planning to work much on my vacation but I do have two day-long bus rides so I might continue chipping at it.

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      Continuing work on services for pico. We’re ramping up to build a lot more services and excited to see where we end up.


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      Published a Flutter App for Nepali Proverbs last weekend.

      So, going to start a new one with .NET Core for backend and Flutter for frontend. Hoping to learn SignalR and other stuff along the way. Might even complete it 😂

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      Clean, work on Garnet, try to play Final Fantasy Tactics and get my ass handed to me.

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      Having bought a Psion 5 and the programming for EPOC book, I’m trying to decide where / how to get an XP box up and running for some hacking. Getting CF cards formatted correctly is proving to be difficult. Possibly because I’m using an SD to CF card adapter. I’ll try from a Linux box as per https://www.kianryan.co.uk/2021-07-14-psion-5mx/.