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    It is completely unclear what this is. Office 365 seems to mean several different things. There’s a real Microsoft Office (non-365), which is just a Win32 application (#1). This is the good stuff. It costs a lot of money.

    Then we have at least two other things which are both called Office 365. First, there’s some kind of browser-based bullshit (#2). This, at best, competes with Google Docs. It doesn’t compete with any kind of real Microsoft Office.

    Then there’s another thing called Office 365, which seems to be a Win32 app (#3). It’s very similar to #1, except it’s subscription-based and it somehow integrates with the cloud.

    It is completely unclear if this posts refers to #1, #2, or #3.

    Edit: from Hacker News.

    I’m an engineer in Office. This is not the case. The desktop app’s are fully native, and will remain so. They utilize React Native for a few components, but otherwise are written in C & C++.

    So yeah, this story is bullshit.

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      Some thoughts:

      1. Microsoft’s acquisition of Github gives them Electron, a competitor to React native.
      2. Gary Bernhardt’s prophecies are coming true
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        I was wondering why Microsoft was so interested in JavaScript as of late. All I have to say is that I hope the React Native ecosystem explodes because of this. It’s a great little framework for building mobile apps, but I’d really like to see more desktop support. The react-native-macos project does a good job at forking react-native to support macOS at least, but it’s kinda cumbersome to get started with.

        Hopefully MS will open-source the code they used to make this stuff work on the desktop with React. I’d love to see it and help move it forward!

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          Leaving the React Native part aside just for this thread. Are they actually rewriting Office 365?

          I thought that was a thing you should never do.

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            Looks like it’s just the UI layer, other components are still written in different languages according a tweet later down.


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              I see. I mean, that’s not surprising, but it’s quite a departure from “All of Office 365 is… being completely rewritten in… JavaScript”. I guess he didn’t intend for this to be taken at face value, we’ve been taking a tweet too seriously.

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            There is apparently very little constructive to be said about a twitter thread with very little content.

            Yes, I’ve flagged.

            Please, consider the same.

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              I am making a very frowny face at the snarky hot takes about these. Contemptuous knee-jerk gripes are bad in and of themselves, rarely lead to good conversation, and erode community norms. We’ve already seen Reddit, Digg, and YC News fall down that slippery slope.

              I don’t know if this is encouraged by the fact that the story link goes to twitter instead of a longer explanation in an article or talk, but it probably doesn’t help.

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                Those communities had more damage done to them by the garbage of Twitter posts and hotcakes than by people trying to keep weeds out.

                Everybody wants a garden, nobody likes being interrupted by the gardeners.

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                  I think @pushcx was agreeing with my review of the comments thus posted. I… think?

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                    I was, and so was friendlysock.

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                  Let’s post agreed upon community norms on the wall of our bike shed. 🦞

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                      In Soviet Russia…

                      Shall we really go back to slashdot’s Natalie Portman naked and petrified with hot grits nonsense and whatever happened on kuro5hin? Some of it gets a smirk but it’s not a good use of my time.

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                    I’ve flagged it too. The story here is probably interesting, but the twitter thread is just nonsense.

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                    It’s a bit more nuanced than that. Sean was referring to most of the UI: https://www.reddit.com/r/javascript/comments/8qpwi7/office_365_ms_teams_skype_code_and_the_edge_debug/e0llhzp/

                    (I don’t work for any of the mentioned teams, but I do work at Microsoft).

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                      This should probably be the link instead…

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                      Pasting text with accents not in latin-2 (eg. őű) in web based Outlook now results in garbled text. This worked earlier. Not a big deal, only effects the 90% of the emails I write… Error reported, ofc. The desktop Outlook and the Android Outlook are also terrible. Way to go Microsoft! Drink the Kool-Aid! At least your products will be unified and will be terrible in the same way on every platform.

                      Meanwhile I’m not renewing my subscriptions and I’m looking for alternative providers who can handle such difficult tasks.

                      Edit: undo crappy autocorrect (cool Windows 10 feature, done badly…)

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                        Now we get to enjoy cross-site-scripting in all desktop apps. Isnt that a wonderful world, we live in? /s

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                          Okay, anyone ever had issues with large documents reflowing slowly in MS word? I can only imagine what happens now..

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                            I wish they would focus more on reaching feature parity with the regular versions. The web version of Office is kind of a joke compared to the regular version. It’s slow, has fewer features, is less configurable, and is buggy.

                            It’s hard to be excited about all these programs taking a big step backwards in usability and features.

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                              It comes to mind an article that has been posted many times. About Microsoft and the constant change of development API, etc. But can’t seem to find it again. Talked about .NET, Longhorn, etc. The article were literally the first thing that popped into mind.