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    NIce article Alex! wish you had a share button on your blog…I would have shared it!

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      Thanks Keith! I’ll take a look at what my options are. My main concern is that those buttons are often used for tracking. On the other hand, people who care about that are probably already using things like ad blockers anyway.

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        I like that you care about tracking :) I don’t think users will mind though, most websitez do track users. I use “sharethis” it’s free but, yeah, They track users as much as Google does.

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        What’s wrong with just copying the URL from the address bar?

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          :)) Well, the process for both:

          1. Share button = click.

          2. No share button = Ctrl+d, Ctrl+c, Ctrl+t, [start typing twitter until it is auto-suggested by browser address bar], scroll to the suggested, ENTER, Wait for loading, Click the tweet button, Ctrl+v, click tweet again.

          The 1st option kind of encourages you to share and the user stays in same window or web page.

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            I’m not saying that they’re equally easy. But even #2 only takes a couple of extra seconds. I bet it took you longer to type that response ;-p

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        I’m reading “Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn & TensorFlow” by Aurelien Geron. I find it quite accessible.