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“Futhark is a small programming language designed to be compiled to highly performant GPU code. It is a statically typed, data-parallel, and purely functional array language, and comes with a heavily optimising ahead-of-time compiler that generates GPU code via OpenCL. Futhark is not designed for graphics programming, but instead uses the compute power of the GPU to accelerate data-parallel array computations. We support regular nested data-parallelism, as well as a form of imperative-style in-place modification of arrays, while still preserving the overall purity of the language via the use of a uniqueness type system.” – the Futhark overview page


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    Questions about Futhark are answered by one of the authors (Athas) in this thread on Reddit.

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      The discussion between the Futhark dev and the Halide dev is particularly cool.

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        Starts here for the interested.