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    “Recording My Screen” looks like interesting

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      It does! I tried it yesterday and it was really interesting to watch back after.

      I didn’t get any instant insights from it, but it was still very interesting to see. Knowing that I was recording myself also helped me concentrate, which was a nice benefit on the side.

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        Concentration is a major benefit I’ve seen as well. Also, for me I’d also say it’s harder to go on side tangents. It has a pomodoroish like effects. It could probably flow pretty well in conjunction seeing how I feel a higher cognitive load during recording sessions and need the breaks.

        I don’t recall the major insight (wish I was taking notes!) I found, but it was at the point I was stuck. Its super weird to be recording yourself while developing and even more awkward when you’re stuck on a problem.

        I do find that when I’m on camera I do feel a lot of pressure to move fast. When I get stuck, I’ll sometimes pause and poke around to feel less pressure to solve immediately and then figure it out off camera and then summarize my findings when I return to recording. Its tempting to pause a lot during this so I’ll try to talk out loud a bit and ponder for uncomfortably long periods of time in order to take advantage of recording my problem solving on video for insights. Its often cringy watching my self and often I feel silly in retrospect but have found it useful from time to time.

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        I especially love this when working on side projects that I totally don’t have the time for. I can give the ol’ college try and make a little progress and when I forget about it, I can revisit the project and pick up where I left off sometimes years ago with the proper context. I have recorded about 10 sessions mostly on different projects.

        I don’t really do in depth analysis or annotations or anything like the author does but I’ll scrub through and watch portions of it and take mental notes and have gained real insights. I think note taking would be awesome to do. The one time that I picked up a project from three years prior and scrubbed through it to figure out what I was thinking (I’ll try to talk through what I can) was priceless.

        I figure if I were more disciplined, consistent, and put more effort into this process it could be a lot more useful.

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        I don’t know but that’s good at the beginning but for me writing speed isn’t a useful metric for anything.

        Solving new problems should be a must but i also understand some people stuck in tedious and repetitive jobs, so that’s very important.

        I think the best thing one can do is not to become objectively “better” but learning how to prevent/catch the problems. I don’t think being good at writing good code is necessarily so much better than being capable not to write bad code.

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