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    I’m pretty sure that Russians are human…

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      And I’m sure they love their children too…


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      I’m significantly more bothered by the fact that the Twitter corporation banned a bunch of accounts because Congress released a list claiming that they were Russian operatives tweeting about the US election, than I am about Russian operatives tweeting about the US election. I don’t have a problem with people pointing out that social media support of a candidate you dislike might be motivated by a hostile foreign government or any of a hundred other unsavory motives - that’s part of the normal process of politicking. But I don’t want Congress to have the power to declare by fiat that a class of political speech constitutes “abuse” by “foreign operatives” (even if the speech was in fact done by foreign operatives - whether it constitutes “abuse” is entirely a political question). And I certainly mistrust any large-scale communications platform like Twitter that removes posts based on that kind of declaration.