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    Was a bit puzzled the first minute because my default is JS disabled and with all the CSS frameworks I didn’t realize this was a JS thing.

    I genuinely wow’d at the fact that the JS snippet in the page is the actual <script>! I was like “wait where is that in the page” then noticed the classes on the script tag.

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      Can someone explain how using a class name like “fontSize-20” is any different than using the style attribute with “font-size: 20px”? This example comes straight from the docs on this library, but I genuinely don’t understand how that is useful.

      (Edited for typo)

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        It is satire and tagged as such..

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          I tend to read the articles posted here in full, and to my surprise the only mention of this being satirical is in the Lobsters tag? What if someone else on the Internet discovers this joke?