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    Two things come to mind when watching the video, aside from the time it must have taken to do this. There is no question the output is impressive.

    First, the backwards compatibility is pretty amazing. The only thing I know that is better at this is mainframes.

    Second is the use of the penis ejaculation drawings and stuff like “twatface” and “poo” that show up in the input fields. I gotta think that if I showed this to my wife, she’d be even less inclined to take part in tech stuff (I’ve been trying to get her to get involved for a while). It also makes it much less likely that I’d use it in a class or lecture (if I still did that) even though the content is historically interesting. It’s all rather childish, which is unfortunate.

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      Second is the use of the penis ejaculation drawings and stuff like “twatface” and “poo” that show up in the input fields.

      That was disappointing, especially because it wasn’t part of the first version of the video. It just doesn’t fit at all so it’s not funny.

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        I didnt think it was a big deal and found it kind of funny.

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          There’s nothing wrong with finding them funny, but they are clearly not appropriate for everyone. I don’t mind when it’s added to dime-a-dozen content (“go somewhere else if you don’t like it”) but it’s a pity when relatively rarely-made stuff like this excludes a ton of otherwise-interested audience.

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            sure, someone else could just as easily make their own version without those jokes and beat him in popularity if it is such a detriment.

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              Right - my point is that ‘just as easily’ is ‘not very easily’ (it’s not a small job).

              My point isn’t that it’s some great moral failing - but that it is an unfortunate waste. If it were a waste of something that was easy to create, I wouldn’t care at all.

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        Came here to say the same thing. I thought this video was really interesting, but I could have done without all the immature bullshit.

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        It’s such an incredible shame that the video is littered with poorly drawn ejaculated penises (yes, really) and using such clever usernames as “cuntballs” (again, yes, really). The presenter’s voice gives me the definite impression of an adult male and not a 12 year old.

        It’s a shame as the actual content is both interesting as a trip down memory lane and a testament to the truly impressive effort Microsoft puts in to backwards compatibility. The fact it’s possible to run 16-bit Windows 2.0 apps (1987!) on 32-bit Windows 10 is truly remarkable. But it’s hard to have a mature discussion or casually show it to anyone with the pervasive immaturity throughout.

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          I personally found it funny. Its easy to criticise other peoples work, but he is certainly creative.

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            For those of you marking this comment as ‘incorrect’ or as a ‘troll’, I would remind you that an unpopular opinion does not warrant a down vote in this community.

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          “Finally, Windows 10 was installed by simply leaving the room. After 10 minutes, it had magically installed itself.”

          A giant leap forward in Windows usability but backward in user control. Or not? I’ve been off Windows since Win7 Pro: the last, good one. I agree with Geoff that both the backwards compatibility is incredible and only mainframes seems to surpass it. Also, remember that much of the crud in the leaked Windows source was all kinds of things they put in there to keep applications working, internal and 3rd party, despite all the bugs in them that probably wouldn’t be fixed. It was clear they put enormous effort into keeping stuff working nearly forever.

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            This is one of the best things I’ve seen all year