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    I’ve been a user since 1998 (and was a developer from ~1999-2004). Oddly enough, it was Mark Shuttleworth who suggested I try it, ca. 1997 (he also suggested I try Python - back then I was a hardened Perl fan).

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      How did you know Mark back then?

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        I was at university with him, although I didn’t know him very well (I knew who he was though and we even bumped into each other at the launch of OS/2 3.0!). I later interviewed for a job at Thawte (which is where we discussed Debian, etc) but I didn’t get the job. It wasn’t a biggie at the time as I’d really intended studying further anyway (my heart probably wasn’t in the interview).

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      Damn, not a month older than me…

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        2 Days before my birthday :D