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From the announcement on classiccmp:

Previously, we unfortunately never spent the time to codify how we would deliver on these concepts. Rather, we have relied on an informal use of traditional free and open-source principles.

Recently a situation has arisen that compromises some of these principles and thus the entire status of the project, creating consternation among many users and contributors.

For this reason, a number of us have stepped up to create a new organizational structure, which we call “The Open SIMH Project”, to be the keeper and provide formal governance for the SIMH ecosystem going forward. While details of the structure and how it operates are likely to be refined over time, what will not change is our commitment to maintaining SIMH as a free and open-source project, licensed under an MIT-style license as shown on the “simh” repository page.


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    I’m glad to see a coordinated effort to maintain this project with a conventional license and more healthy governance.

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      For those of us who haven’t been following closely: what’s the problem that this is solving?

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        The primary maintainer decided to really start treating the simh/simh GitHub repository as their personal branch, and changed the license from MIT to a pretty strange personal variant that would prevent people from using future changes of theirs if they believed applying a patch to reverse a contentious change was a good idea.