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    Sorry to @av and the author of the story, the invalid URL was caused by some bad URL-parsing code in Lobsters that has been fixed.

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      I’m not seeing the change on jcs/lobsters.

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      Similar stories of frustration can be found for all of the app stores, I think. Google Play has erased a lot of my project’s organic download rate by selling search results, for example. I think these kinds of frustrations just come with the territory.

      I think there are other legitimate reasons to avoid Windows development. MSDN is dog slow and has a bajillion copies of sets of similar, but slightly different documentation. The ecosystem is very corporate, and very mediocre. Debugging is a nightmare because the platform is unreliable and errors are opaque. (EETypeLoadException, anyone?)

      All that said, there are still billions of Windows desktops out there, and they’re not going anywhere for at least a couple years.

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        The link is down. Here’s the real link: http://www.irrlicht3d.org/pivot/entry.php?id=1485

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          Also: “Why you shouldn’t use natural language processing to provide support algorithmically”. Poor dude is probably doomed to a lifetime of weekly “why don’t you think I’m helpful” emails.

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            All he has to to is reply once with something like “thanks”. Maybe “f*** off” will also work.

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            Why you should not develop apps in PHP.

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              Why you shouldn’t use query strings for blog id’s.

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              The link seems to be down - is there a mirror?

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                Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in /var/www/a235/html/irrlicht/pivot/modules/moduledbxml.php on line 848

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                  rant tag?