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    The page UI reminds of the https://userinyerface.com/ posted here the other day. Some things are clickable while others aren’t, keyboard shortcuts don’t work, reaction to clicks is inconsistent, and I have no idea how to exit a BIOS without reloading the page. And yes, “click on the small green block”.

    Seriously though, who is it for? Support technicians who have to guide users through the BIOS over the phone? I kinda can see how it can be useful for that.

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      I wonder if this also effectively simulates how some setting changes in the Thinkpad X1 Extreme BIOS can potentially brick that machine, like the problem that caused me to send two laptops back almost immediately upon receipt after simply tweaking (each time different) settings necessary for installing Linux…

      (P.S. don’t buy Lenovo laptops)