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      Apple calls these “Silicon** CPUs just to throw in a little meaningless terminology confusion

      Not to be overly pedantic, but they don’t call them “Silicon”, they call them “Apple Silicon” — as in “silicon made by Apple”, not “Silicon, the Apple product”.

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        Thanks, fixed (and fixed the weird formatting too, I’m still on the fence about emacs smart parens, sometimes it’s great sometimes it messes up my markdown).

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      Building amd64 images on M1 is SO slow. Running is generally fine though in my experience. I suggest offloading build tasks to a cloud VM if all you have locally is Apple Silicon.

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        This will be better soon, since macOS 13 will support Rosetta 2 in Linux VMs:


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        Anecdotal, but building amd64 images on my M1 is at least faster than building arm64 images on GitHub Actions

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        I’ve switched to using ARM images. There’s some hassle to set up and sometimes fix build systems or cross compile, but then it’s fast.

        Also docker has an experimental option for faster file system access. It helps a lot for me.

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      Reading all of this, I’m so glad I’m not in Docker hell anymore. Switching to Nix makes actually reproducible builds much easier, and faster, to boot, without the mess of having to use docker-compose to stitch together several VMs and having to work around the fact that your local file system isn’t directly available using “bind mounts” and whatnot.