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    I always hated fullscreen exclusivity. It seemed to always break my system whenever I closed out of the game, or even alt-tabbed out (which would usually take several seconds for things to appear). Very annoying when a game was unresponsive and you couldn’t reach task manager.

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      Same, I initially didn’t want to support it at all for that reason—one interesting thing I discovered when writing this up but didn’t elaborate on in the post is that it’s actually possible to go exclusive without that breakage, but nobody seems to do it intentionally!

      Most games fiddle with the display settings when you’re in exclusive mode, and upon losing focus they have to revert their changes. This causes a hang, and if they don’t properly set CDS_FULLSCREEN to make their changes temporary it’s also likely what’s causing things to be weird after exiting.

      There may have been a time when changing the display settings was necessary, but it’s not currently necessary on any of the setups I tested, and it doesn’t appear to have measurable performance benefits (though the tests I ran to conclude that were admittedly less thorough.)

      If you get exclusivity without calling ChangeDisplaySettings, you’ll lose a few frames and get a much quicker flash when alt tabbing or such, but it’s nothing compared to the pain of trying to alt tab from a fullscreen exclusive game as normally implemented!

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        Windows 10 and DXGI 1.4 vastly improved exclusive fullscreen, prior to that it was extremely finnicky and fragile.

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          Ah, I didn’t realize that. It’s super finicky now so I can only imagine what it must have been like before Windows 10!