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Please message me if you encounter an issue building/installing OSH from the AUR.


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    Why are you installing to /usr/local? Packages are supposed to go to /usr directly.

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      It’s the filesystem location specified in the GNU Coding Standard

      Executable programs are installed in one of the following directories.

      bindir: The directory for installing executable programs that users can run. This should normally be /usr/local/bin, but write it as $(exec_prefix)/bin.

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        Packages should never be installed to /usr/local


        Arch users expect packages to install in /usr, so it makes more sense to follow the Arch packaging standards here.

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          Fair enough, I can make that adjustment. Thanks for sharing that link.

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          GNU expects downstream packagers (“installers”) to change the install location, which is why the prefix variable exists. /usr/local/ is an appropriate default for “from-source” installs, to avoid conflicts with packages.

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        Thanks a lot for doing this! If anyone else needs help packaging it for a distro you use, let me know. And you can add links here: