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What are you going to work on this week? (Or, as we’re a day late, what have you started working on?)

Feel free to ask for help or advice or just talk about whatever you’re up to. Hope your week started well, and continues to be a great week.


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    Provided the antiquated train network can get me there, I’m off to Edinburgh to visit the office this week which probably means more time in the pub than hacking on things. However, I did manage to finish building nzbget-16.4 under pkgsrc & rebuild my nzbget VM using it.

    Eagerly awaiting the digistump oak firmware coming out of beta so I can get tinkering with my units when I’m back home. Might actually get RC controllable finally.

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      Update: I made it to Edinburgh, but Virgin’s official suggestion for my return journey on Friday is “uh, cancel your tickets and find another way home”. So it remains to be seen whether I can make it back or not. It’s all fun and games in the North.

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      Collaborating with these guys https://sarantaporo.gr and http://mazizone.eu/ on community and offline wifi projects. MAZI is an EU funded project to build a toolbox for community networking projects.

      Playing with python and building a twitter bot (today’s outage is not related ;). First time I’ve used SQLAlchemy and blown away by its descriptive data model that allows using data backed objects in a natural way.

      Also really enjoying interacting with tilde.town people, very reminiscent of early IRC days - friendly community.

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        Started intern'ing at Amazon, will be here for the next 6 months.

        Thought about a new design for MarkMyWords maybe will implement that in the ‘my time’ i have left

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          Getting deeper into GraphQL. I built out a static site generator based on Relay and it works great right now for basic use cases. The next step is to get deeper into constructing GraphQL schemas to make sure the querying abilities are rich and that plugins play well when modifying the schema. Then building out some sample applications and docs so others can use it :)

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            I’m working on updating the Try PureScript website to work with the new 0.8 release, as well as adding more real world examples like canvas graphics and AJAX.

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              Implementing a timetable scheduler, found myself hip deep in graph coloring, simulated annealing, genetic algorithms, and a bunch of heuristics. After determining that really I have a bin-packing problem (1-dimensional, at that), I put aside the more interesting algorithms and used a good heuristic (best-fit, decreasing), which works just fine (since I’m mainly interested in any solution, not necessarily an optimal one.

              (Side note: really hating the paywalls for some of the papers I wanted to read…I’m an IEEE Computer Society member, but even with my digital library subscription, there’s a bunch of papers only available through the IEEE eXplore and that’s not included. And they’re not available anywhere else, e.g., Google Scholar and CiteSeer searches.)

              On the one hand, love reading about some of this stuff, on the other hand, quite dismayed at my inability to figure out how to apply the graph coloring algorithms to this problem (mapping the problem space to this particular solution space). Really feeling a big hole in my knowledge or very out of practice. :-(

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                For my Google Summer of Code ‘15 project I made a lot of fundamental changes to LiquidHaskell to improve the user experience and integrate more closely with the host language. I accomplished a lot, but it’s all stuck in an out-of-date fork that’s diverged pretty heavily from where master is right now. So I’m currently working on breaking off chunks from my fork and getting them adapted and merged into mainline LH, starting with the new parser. In the process I’m switching parsing libraries from parsec to megaparsec.

                I’ve also been playing around with Unreal Engine 4 a bit, but I think I’m going to switch to Unity3D. UE4 is shiny and beautiful but the editor is really buggy, C++ compilation takes ages, and everything locks up when you eg. save a material shader.

                Oh! I’m applying to summer internships as well. If you know a good place to intern near San Jose, let me know!