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I’m reviewing a bunch of books on debugging; this is my first essay. If there are any books/papers you think I should take a look at please tell me. I’m open to suggestions.

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    It’s been a minute, but The Practice of Programming I seem to recall had some good bits about debugging.

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      To add to your pile, Systemic Software Debugging - free, almost entirely unknown and written by yours truly along with a colleague. It was not really intended as a book as such - the writing project had a few odd constraints given that the target was course material for mostly self-taught seniors that worked almost exclusively with debugging difficult problems, and we needed some common ground for the other parts of the course that I, sadly, can’t go into. Got some stories out of it though :-) …

      Some of my thesis work a while back was also in this direction, though it had to be disguised because academia and funding disapprove when you get too practical (though there is ‘retooling and securing systemic debugging’ as an article). From that dark period I’ve gone through a few books as well. Some that comes to mind:

      “The Science of Debugging” (telles/hsieh), “Debugging by thinking” (metzger), “If I only changed the software, why is the phone on fire?” (simone), the bland one by Zeller, Advanced Windows Debugging (hewardt, pravat), “How debuggers work” (rosenberg), “Linkers & Loaders” (levine), … but in general I’d give the literature (including my own modest contributions) a grunting sound as a kind-of review and summary.

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        Awesome. Thank you! I’ve added it to my queue. It looks like a fun read.

        I’ve read or own all the other books you recommended, except for Rosenberg’s book, strangely enough. The advice is helpful, though, because it’s good to know the common/popular set of books that are typical for the topic.