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    Ironically, I wrote this using emacs' org-mode.

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      Interestingly, Notepad can’t even get the most basics of editing text right. In particular, it:

      • Doesn’t support unix-style line endings (line feed), only windows style (carrige return + line feed), which fucks up a lot of text.
      • Doesn’t even let you delete a word with ctrl+backspace, as is standard in a lot of windows. Instead, it inserts a tiny square. It shares this behaviour with various text fields in some Windows applications like Explorer, much to my dismay.
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        That’s the joke, heh

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          Does it still have that file size limit (64k?) or was that finally eliminated?

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            The limit is still present.

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           % Notepad.exe
           zsh: command not found: Notepad.exe


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