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Running sonarr over alpine over openbsd with vmm <3


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    Did you know you can run Sonarr directly on OpenBSD? :D

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      I don’t want to run mono on my beautiful OpenBSD, I want to running that crap on a Linux ;D

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        It could be more secure to run it natively on OpenBSD

        edit: I maintain sonarr and radarr on FreeBSD

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          I forgot /s

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          Over docker. Because security matters.

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            Why not run OpenBSD in the VM as well? It’d be segregated from the rest of the system and still running on OpenBSD.

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              I just wanted to try the alpine machine, so I tried with Sonarr

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              As a C# developer and OpenBSD user, it’s perfectly fine.

              Speaking of Mono, I need to finish my port of it to Haiku. (Not even BeOS is safe. Muhahaha!)

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            Sonarr under FreeBSD inside KVM on SmartOS here.

            I really should move it to a native zone at some point. Can’t be bothered messing with mono though.

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              Talk dirty to me.