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    Reposted this from HN (tu7001’s submission) based on both a bunch of foundational topics being presented and the description of them below from z1mm32m4n:

    “15-251 Great Theoretical Ideas in CS is the freshman spring semester discrete math & theoretical CS (a follow up to the discrete math course they take freshman fall). The course itself goes for breadth over depth. In this aspect, it serves as a solid foundation for all theory classes students take going forward. It’s a class where students learn proof techniques, collaboration, and problem solving.

    The course is often praised for its rigor. The problem sets require a fair amount of work to complete, and the course staff sets a high standard for responses. On the other hand, it commonly receives criticism for being quite intense as a freshman class. Many CMU students look back on it as one of the hardest classes they took. I personally feel quite lucky to have taken 251. It gave me a foundation to appreciate a lot of deeper CS topics, and taking it freshman year meant I had 3 years more to put it to use.”