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    Shitty website withholds plain text because I won’t turn on Javascript for them.

    That’s a new one for me.. usually when a site that wants to use javascript to display text ‘loads’, the site is completely blank, and doesn’t show that the text was intentionally blanked out.

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      Turning on Firefox’s Reader View restores the text, though. :-)

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        I guess my point is, 1) it’s text, you don’t need javascript to display it and 2) they know this AND they are intentionally breaking the site because they want you to enable javascript. Previously, I just assumed sites didn’t know they were breaking folks that didn’t enable javascript, or at least didn’t make an attempt to actively hide content (and make it obvious to the user they were intentionally denying them service)

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          Big parts of German media are in a war against blocking of ads. I think German media is still undecided whether it should go full paywall or not. Currently, most go for an approach to put some articles behind a paywall and show others openly - and at least a few put popular articles behind paywalls after some time (unfortunately I did not yet analyze how many and when).

          I think Golem belongs to the fraction that criticizes the other media that try to sue AdBlock in court (luckily they lost all trials up to now, but they keep on trying). But forcing you to enable JavaScript seems to be Golem’s way to get ads and tracking to at least a fraction of the people.

          Other newspapers have other broken approaches, but all of them are somehow trying to get you to give them data or ad-space.