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      Apparently the “IBM VGA 8x16” font that website uses by default is indelibly tattooed into my brain, and I didn’t even realize it until I clicked the link.

      I blame Dwarf Fortress.

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      I switched to “PxPlus IBM VGA 8x16” for all my terminals and fonts a while ago. It’s the best font I’ve ever used. It looks great. The PxPlus variants have all the Unicode I’ve come across. Nice thick characters are legible with low-contrast themes like Solarized Dark. It must be used at 12pt/16px or multiples of those, don’t use it at any other size. It doesn’t look good bold. It’s in use on my website if you’d like a preview: https://superjamie.github.io/2023/01/05/small-json-libraries-in-c