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    Half of the solutions seem to be to fire people; the other half have no clear basis for the recommendations.

    More generally, the problem with this article is that it views individuals as problems. While there are problematic individuals - typically those with high narcissism - that’s not what this article is about. This article is cataloguing people acting within an organizational context and blaming those individuals for operating in a disfunctional organization. The real solution is for top management to structure the organization around successful delivery of projects, and for top management to engage with the realities of software development (it’s uncertain, developers are only as good as their understanding of the business goals) and stop treating engineering like a genie in a bottle.

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      Yes, the solutions do seem to be rather poor. For example, the solution to ‘the hostage taker’ appears to involve giving them a new ‘hostage’ and then declaring/pretending that the problem is solved.

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      Possible need for new tag “self-ironic”.