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    I don’t see how this would work. Has anyone actually tried it? The technique in that post creates a Git tree that references that hash, but it doesn’t contain any blob that actually has that hash. Referencing the hash does nothing if the referenced blog isn’t in the repo.

    (Not to mention that nothing has been made “illegal”, GitHub seems to be doing the right thing in contesting the takedown, GitHub’s popularity does not make it a monopoly, blocking the spread of a repo out of spite seems counter to open source ideals, etc.)

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      This is super clever.

      I’m currently (slightly) regretting coming back to GitHub for my personal projects but am relieved that I don’t have to manage a git server. The current options aren’t appealing to me or lack what I feel are basic features…so inevitably, I will work on my own VCS project.

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        I’ve experimented with a number of Git servers in the past. Writing one is also on my todo list (https://github.com/belak/gitdir is really only PoC quality). What features are you looking for, particularly which ones do you find are missing from existing options?

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          I would like to see a git server, where you can clone the main branch and when you push without permission, it creates a pull request instead. No fork repo necessary like on GitHub.

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            That’s a neat idea. It reminds me of this feature.

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            I’m looking for easy customization, private repos, and no cruft. Cgit is the best option I’ve tried but every tutorial I found for enabling private (or password-protected) repos was non-trivial/outdated.

            IMHO the alternative git servers are bloated, with questionable code quality. As an example, digging into Gitea’s frontend code made my head hurt. So many damn divs, unclosed elements, CSS specificity rules way too many levels deep, and so turned me off from it.