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    And for all of this hard work, what are we going to get? … Fractional display scaling

    This feature alone has me watching this project closely now. I look back at my history in the wide world that is desktop Linux, and it is one of only two issues I still find outstanding from darker days, when children were forced to work underground, turning the big wheels by hand. When WiFi was a blessing known to few, when both Xorg and ALSA needed reconfiguring on a regular basis.

    That past seems so distant now, barely a memory, until I need displays with differing DPIs or need my desktop scaled to non-integer values.

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      I have a n00b question: With something like sway, do I have to install another windowing system underneath it (like we did with X) or is the Wayland Composer the whole GUI package itself?

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        Please excuse the late reply. Also, Wayland is not currently my daily display server.

        However, from my limited use and knowledge, the traditional divide between Window Manager and Desktop Environment that we are used to in X-based environments does not look the same in Wayland. From what I have read, it will be more common to build them monolithically. This is just the sense I have gotten from reading about various Wayland compositors and window managers, though I am not aware of the specific technical details as to why.

        So sway would be used in a standalone manner, providing both a compositor and window manager. This as opposed to being able to use, say Openbox as the window manager for XFCE or i3 as the window manger for for GNOME.

        And now that I say that, since it has been possible in X-GNOME to replace its window manager, I wonder how GNOME in Wayland is constructed differently to either allow or disallow this?