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      I appreciate Jeff Geerling. I’ve only learned of him in the last few months and subscribed to his channel after seeing his content pop up on my radar multiple times. I’m impressed with his level of detail: it’s just right for YouTube, enough to be interesting to watch without being a walkthrough. Red Shirt Jeff is the agent of chaos we all wish we could be.

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        Agreed! I’ve read one of his books (his first about Ansible) and it was really nice. Concise, precise yet covered a lot (as I recall it, at least).

        I like (but haven’t had time to watch) his youtube series on Ansible 101, and now Kubernetes 101.

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      I was a bit surprised that you can find a 2.5 GBit PCIe adapter for ~$20 USD. It is probably not very good, but it’s still just $20!

      I’ve been eying 10 GBit networking at home but 2.5/5 Gbit might be enough speed if switches/everything else is priced ok.