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    Nice concept. I would suspect the next logical step would be easy to install other packages depending on what environments were being used.

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      Python 2.7 with pip, virtualenv, and virtualenvwrapper


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        Yeah yeah I know. I feel like if I did include Python 3, I’d also need to include Python 2.7. I’d be down to include both if I can figure out a decent setup. Anything?

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          This is ubuntu based, so why not just including the py3 packages?

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            I just need to figure out what’s a nice setup to have virtualenvwrapper work with different Python versions.

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                That might just work, perhaps wrap some aliases like mkvirtualenv2.7 and mkvirtualenv3.3.

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            I like pyenv and it’s virtualenv plugin works very well for my needs. I think it’s easier to use but more hardcore Pythonitas would probably say otherwise.



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