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    I work for a well-known company and we use Docker in production. While I don’t have any stats to share, my observation has been that Docker is responsible for not only our most frequent outages but our largest ones as well. Either it’s a new version breaks something you expected to work or it just poops.

    I’m setting up some machines for my own project now using FreeBSD + Jails and, for my needs, it is quite pleasant. I can’t just deploy a container, but partitioning a single machine up into a bunch of smaller machines has been great for my use-case. I wish I had that at my employer.

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      While I haven’t experienced major failures caused by Docker at runtime I must say that running and maintaining Docker-based build & deployment pipeline has been extremely annoying for many different reasons (I especially dislike docker-compose and caching).

      I share enthusiasm towards FreeBSD and Jails, but would like to learn more about running it in production. Any case studies, dos/don'ts?

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        I don’t have any words of wisdom. My setup is that I am using iocage to manage the jails. This depends on ZFS. I then have some lame scripts that just create and destroy jails on it. The software I’m installing is just a few megs + some config and that is easy to do in anything, such as Ansible. Going from a started machine to running my software takes a few minutes.

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      Gentoo, where’s Gentoo?! It’s the architect’s distribution of choice. I just made that up.