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Comment made by Colin Percival, FreeBSD Security Officer Emeritus.

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      What was last year’s fundraising goal?

      Based on the text of https://www.freebsdfoundation.org it sounds like this year they had an aim to increase the budget.

      This year marks a significant milestone for the FreeBSD Foundation. Based on the success of our 2012 fundraising campaign, we have posted our first $1,000,000 budget. Our financial strength has allowed us to hire technical staff, almost triple our funded development spending, and to invest in the critical infrastructure needed by the FreeBSD community to build, develop, test, and distribute FreeBSD to millions of users. Our growing capabilities, all made possible by your generous donations, are proof that the FreeBSD Foundation will be a faithful supporter of FreeBSD for decades to come.

      I also read about travel grants in the sidebar of the donation drive. I assume it is for sending people to events that are also sponsored. Are these events inherently useful, or are they more a way to keep (and get) more people interested in FreeBSD in general?

      I ask because I love and use FreeBSD, but have generally have very little desire to go to a conference/convention.

      edit: donated!

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        Apologies, I hadn’t seen the -announce@ mailing list thread and thought Colin Percival’s statement was the original statement. Will do more research in future posts!

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      That kinda sucks. Seems like Apple could spare a few bucks, since Mac OS X was built on top of that OS originally.


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        And Sony (PS4).