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    I do not like this electron fad.

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      I had to make certain I had at least 16gb of RAM in all my future computers because of Electron/node-webkit-app-whatever. As it is, I’m using 12 gb just sitting here, no compiles.

      Culprits according to gnome-system-monitor sorted by memory? Chrome, Chrome, Chrome, Spotify, Chrome, Slack, Slack, Chrome, Chrome, Slack, Slack, Chrome, Chrome, Chrome (on and on for a whole page)

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        I hope it’s just a fad and that it dies off as soon as possible, but I think it’s unlikely that it will.

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          It’s not going to die off. Javscript is eating the world, one chunk at a time.

          I guess this means I should get off my butt and actually learn the silly language sometime soon. I’ve been doubling down on my Python mastery :)

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          I’m generally in agreement, but this is one of the cases in which Electron is perfectly reasonable… The project is a web browser after all, so the weight of Chromium is not going to waste.

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          Just published my personal website over dat! Here’s the link if anybody wants to see it: dat://50a4a6ed5f744bad5b3dafaed3f31bd343a4f4aa70280ef629bbf52af3bb7582/

          Right now it’s only running in beaker on my laptop, but I’ll setup dathttpd on my server when I can.