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    Frankly, this doesn’t surprise me. LastPass had been giving us constant trouble when we switched to it from KeyPass X because we needed something that would allow sharing passwords in a team. Even the export when we wanted to stop using it was messy and we ended up with incomplete and broken plaintext files.

    We moved to BitWarden several years ago because it is an Open Source project and at the time 1Password’s team vault was a lot clunkier and the UX on Windows simply wasn’t there (tho I had heard a lot of praise from macOS users). Having recently had to use 1Password for a client I would still pick BitWarden over it but this feels like it’s more a matter of taste at this point. If you’re still on LastPass, I’d suggest trying out a few alternatives because they’re all vastly superior and more trustworthy.

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      For personal use, I was always happy enough with lastpass so far. I’ve mostly stopped using form-fills on the phone anyway and manually copy-paste stuff, and the other stuff works as expected. I mean, there’s like 3 features: get me my password, save a new password and searching, sometimes. I know it’s not the most secure option around, but for basic use it’s safe enough, and for important-enough sites, I have multi-factor authentication anyway.

      But I had been thinking for quite a while now to change this for an open-source, self-hosted solution. The closest I got when they merged with logmein. I’m not not certain if it is worth my time, to run my own infrastructure. But I do think I’ll at least consider 1passwoird or bitwarden again.

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      If you’re still on LastPass and looking for any excuse to switch (like I was last year): 1Password fixes every problem I had with LastPass (eg working form fill, even in Firefox) and gives me a few things I didn’t even know I wanted (eg an ssh agent). Just make the leap, it’s a total no brainer.

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        I second 1Password, I’ve used it personally for years. Just started using LastPass at work recently and I was surprised at how the whole thing felt very… unpolished? 1Password feels like a real professional app, LastPass feels like some proof of concept that was thrown together as a TUI in a weekend and then had a UI bolted on the front.

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          You hit the nail on the head there I think, a company I worked at used LastPass enterprise and it honestly felt like they never hired any designers and just told some devs to build an MVP and that stuck. It just feels like a side project. When I first used 1p I was amazed at how nice and compact the UI is and switched my personal solution from Dashlane. I still find that Dashlane’s form filling ability and other features of the browser extension are still miles ahead of 1p though. But I hope they’ll catch up soon.

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            I don’t know as this is a particularly terrible thing - it’s not like they haven’t done partnerships with other commercial services for storing special data before (namely, their Privacy.com [1] and Fastmail [2] integrations) or had integrations to make some secrets have special functionality (e.g. SSH keys [3]). I think having an automatic way to store cryptocurrency secrets in a password manager is a pretty neat feature, even if I might not necessarily think cryptocurrency is all that good or important. If they want to keep going in this direction, I would like to see them integrate with a more open wallet, and probably tone down their NFT-related marketing about it.

            [1] https://support.1password.com/privacy-cards/
            [2] https://1password.com/fastmail/
            [3] https://developer.1password.com/docs/ssh/

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          Work forces us to use LastPass. It is awful squared. Maybe this helps to get rid of it

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            I don’t trust my data to anyone who isn’t under an FTC consent decree…

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              I’ve read this three times, and can’t figure out what you mean:

              • LastPass is under an FTC consent decree, and you trust them?
              • LastPass is under an FTC consent decree, and you DON”T trust them?
              • Some other company is under an FTC consent decree, but you trust LastPass?
              • Some other company is under an FTC consent decree, but you DON”T trust LastPass?
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                Or maybe lastpass isn’t under an ftc consent decree so you don’t trust them

                Or some other company ^y^y^y…

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                  The last.