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    Looks very nice but unfortunately it only seem to support a handful of commands at this moment.

    It would be nice if some effort to automatically port/convert cheatsheets from other projects like tldr & cheat would be made. Or even better if it could parse existing man-pages.

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      This’ll be incredibly useful, awesome.

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        It’s very nice, but instead of directly executing the snipped I would just print out the command with explanation of parameters as comments to not let people forget they’re still in CLI and they shouldn’t rely on all these fancy stuff.

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          With tools like this, what I’m looking for is exactly the “fancy stuff”. Or at least “stuff that lets me type less”. My hands already hurt bad enough. The command line is not a hair shirt. It’s ok to make it nicer!

          At any rate I’ll probably give this a go. FZF for ctrl-r and jumping around directory history has already done wonders for my general experience of life in the shell.

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          Piggy-backing on this (sorry!): can anyone recommend a good cli tool for quickly/interactively marking some lines from bash history as “favorites”, storing them in a separate permanent file, adding some comment, and optionally making it possible to share them between machines/sessions via e.g. a github gist, or git repo? Ideally working on Mac and Linux, and integrating well into bash

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            Shouldn’t this be easily done with navi, fzf and some bash scripting?

            • Select stuff from history with fzf
            • drop into $EDITOR to create navi cheats
            • save to file
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              I have a file called “.functions.sh” and I source it in my .bashrc I put all my custom functions alias and variables there.

              To me that’s simpler than using a CLI tool just to do basically the same thing.

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                I can’t, really, but I’ve been wanting something like that for a while now. I started down the path of logging command history to SQLite, with the notion that eventually I’d use it to accumulate a sort of per-directory menu system and annotate commands with working notes, but so far I haven’t taken it much further than just the db.

                There are other tools with similar motivations - I feel like xiki had some ideas I found pretty interesting when I messed with it a while ago, and I’ve seen other history logging tools - but I haven’t really found anything that seemed quite right for me.