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    apropos(1) already does full text search on your man pages and doesn’t require Java and gigs of memory

    edit: not to say this isn’t clever, I’m just not convinced it’s economical

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      Hi, the post is about playing around with elasticsearch and experiment with its features on the Linux man pages (language analyzers, cutoff frequency etc). Of course, having to setup an elasticsearch instance to search man pages is not a convenient method. Thank you for your feedback.

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        I think the idea behind this is neat, although ES might be a bit heavy - have you looked at embedded FTS systems such as Xapian or even SQLite’s FTS extension?

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          Nope, I’ll take a look, thank you

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      This is an awesome use case for ElasticSearch, thanks for sharing this.

      I really enjoy learning new shell commands. I moved from bash to zsh mainly for command and parameters autocompletion so I could learn and discover new commands quickly. man pages are often big and cluttered with a lot of details. I never though of searching in all of them at the same time, but it totally makes sens.

      I use tldr a lot and I think a similar implementation could be handy :)

      This post is also a nice way to learn how to use ElasticSearch, nice work!

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        Thank you for the feedback!