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Per our crustacious leader’s request, here is a yearly thread for screenshots from Lobsters users. Inline images aren’t allowed in comments, so just make a link to your image the first thing in your comment, maybe say a few words about the software on it.

Linux/BSD users: Shutter is nice for screenshots and can post directly to free hosting on Imgur. OS X and Windows users: I’ll edit in suggestions here.

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    My OpenBSD desktop on a new laptop I have been using the past couple days. It’s a HiDPI screen so it’s taking some adjusting to my dotfiles.

    ratpoison, dzen2, etc.

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      that ratpoison config is beautiful.. definitely one of the best custom tiling wm’s I’ve ever seen

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        What bookmarks are those? Also, “map” seems redundant, unless you have a hard time remembering its corresponding favicon.

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        pushcx desktop

        Awesome window manager with the same basic theme I’ve had for 15 years. Thinking of moving to xmonad as I’ve gotten into Haskell, but no rush.

        Firefox with lots of extensions (old writeup on the left, vim in tmux on the right. I’m working on Eleven, the 2048 variation I’m waffling on writing an ebook about.

        In the upper left there’s many other virtual desktops active. 1 is always the project I’m working on in a full-screen urxvt window. 2 is a browser for that project. 3 is docs for that project. 4-6 are miscellaneous for music players, spreadsheets, budget, podcast/conf talk, or whatever half-finished personal task. 7 is personal browser, 8 is sup for mail and newsbeuter for rss, 9 is irc/slack/twitter in irssi. So this screenshot is misleadingly interesting; almost every virtual desktop is a single full-screen window.

        Upper-right is widgets: shutter, NetworkManager (wifi), redshift (color tinting at night), cbatticon (power), blueman (bluetooth), transmission (bittorrent), zeal (docs), window manager menu icon.

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          11 is a really good idea. Simpler for people who don’t know powers of 2 and the UI is less cluttered because only one or two digits in each box.

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            No spoilers, but the real value in Eleven is that the numbers prompt a key insight into the puzzle. Most 2048 players miss it and flail at the game, eg. having trouble getting to 128/7 when you can get that with random input.

            I also improved the colors and shortened the animations as high score goes up.

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          tedu desktop (1.8MB)

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              Did I break it?

              Contact your hosting provider letting them know your web server is not completing requests. An Error 522 means that the request was able to connect to your web server, but that the request didn’t finish. The most likely cause is that something on your server is hogging resources.

              gif-explode is not tedu scale.

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              You did not disappoint.

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              When in Linux, I use a tiled window manager and live in Emacs. Currently, it’s i3+dmenu, but I’m not 100% on board because the distinction between “window” and “container” is not sufficiently clear, and I can’t save my workspace layout as easily as I used to be able to when using, e.g. ion, back in the bad old days. All I want from an X11 window manager is something to keep my windows managed – no launchers, pods, bars, tabs, slots, sprockets, toolbars. Just a keyboard driven terminal window that’s run as an ssh-agent client, thanks. It’d be nice if the default font rendering could look like something more modern than the 1980s, but eh.

              OS X, my prefered daily driver. Again, I largely live in Emacs – I read my mail here (via the excellent mu4e), IRC here, write code and text here. I also use Chrome because it’s a royal PITA syncing passwords between Windows, OS X and Linux, but I may just surrender to the read-only GPG’d text file on a shared partition because anytime I use Google anything I get the creeping meemies. Over on the another workspaces is Logic, but the full-screen semantics of OS X are sort of a giant pain in the ass, so I don’t use that as heavily as I’d like. I also use Optimal Layout to manage some windows in OS X – mostly, just shortcut keys for fullscreen, ½, and ¼. iTunes for music although my hatred for it may soon overcome my path dependence. A former co-worker and I worked for a while on a music library organizer that perhaps I should revisit, although that’s the sort of side project that realistically I won’t ever get more than 25% through and nobody but me would want to use anyway. Besides, I have the kiddo to spend time horsing around with, and she’s way more fun than Cocoa and CoreAudio.

              No Windows screenshot because all I use that for is an SLI-enabled launcher for Steam.

              EDIT: OS X screenshots: Command-Shift-3 (-4 for a region; -4 and then space for a specific window).

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                did i3-save-tree > workspace-2.json work for you?

                I love the nesting of containers in i3.. the only thing i haven’t found a way to do is having a floating container that has multiple tabs of windows in it; i’m not sure if other WM’s can do that but it seems like a more obscure case

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                  What I want but can’t figure out how to do is to have my splits be tabbed; IOW, I have three panes: ½ the monitor on the right, and ¼ over ¼ on the left. I want windows to open in those splits in tabbed mode, but I don’t want a global tab mode. This was the way ion worked – it didn’t eagerly try to create new panes, it left that up to you.

                  If I could figure out a way to make this work, I’d be happier in X11.

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                    the tab mode is local to the container… which you can set.. like this?


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                      Yeah, but what I can’t figure out (and this could be me being dense) is how to reliably tell the difference between containers and windows. The documentation on this is not clear.

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                My current workplace

                I’m currently doing exercices in bytemyapp’s haskell book, doing my best to learn the language and having alot of fun doing it.

                I’m running xmonad/xmobar on top of arch linux with a solarized theme. The programs you can see running are emacs (well evil actually) in haskell mode and mupdf. That’s generally what my screen looks like when I’m learning something, though depending on the language emacs is replaced with vim. I also have two other workplaces open, one with terminals (newsbeuter, ranger) and one with firefox running pentadactyle.

                I’m very happy with my current setup, there are only two things that still need work: * I’ve never been able to make dmenu work properly * I’m still struggling to get a good dual monitor setup

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                  voldyman’s desktop

                  I usually run apps in fullscreen/maximized mode and have one workspace for each app. first workspace is for web [browsing (firefox), email, etc], second has emacs (and a terminal depending on the type of application being worked on), the third workspace has a terminal for all the secondary tasks i am doing (download something, some scripts being executed that need to be checked from time to time, the last workspace has my music player (noise) running.

                  Mostly my screen looks like this

                  (this is elementary OS)

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                    Which emacs theme is that?

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                      sorry for the late reply, it’s sanityinc-tomorrow-eighties i just moved to the aurora theme though :)

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                    jtobin’s desktop. It’s pretty spartan.

                    I live in tmux. When I’m on my laptop at home/in a café (e.g. now) I usually keep any given tmux window to three panes; left side is vim, top right is typically an interpreter (here GHCi), bottom right is bash. If I’m at the office where I have my 27" display there will typically be many more panes happening.

                    A few tmux windows there at the moment; ‘notes’ always just holds vim open with a running plaintext log I keep. ‘lum’ holds work for Luminal. I often have any number of other tmux windows running, usually named ‘hack’, ‘ref’ (for ‘reference’), etc. I use Solarized everywhere.

                    You can see that I have another iTerm tab that’s mosh’d into a Tokyo-based Linode running Debian that I use for all sorts of stuff. Right now it just has a single tmux tab with irssi running.

                    Chrome’s open with Gmail, Github, TweetDeck, Lobsters. I keep a company Github account logged in Safari, thus that.

                    Other noteworthy software: GrabBox2 for dumping screenshots (like this one) to Dropbox. Alfred. RescueTime is there, though I don’t get a ton of use out of it. Apple Messages for IMing.

                    You can’t see it there, but my desktop background is Raven and the FIrst Men, a famous Canadian sculpture.

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                      Beginnings of a Lenovo X1 OpenBSD desktop (I’m migrating from Linux).

                      Configs for cwm, ksh, xterm, tmux and vim can be found here.

                      Initially I’m trying to use what’s in base. So far I had to reach out for vim. I might need to install a tiling window manager as well.

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                        d2xdy2 desktop

                        Currently working my way though the Elixir book and Jose Valim’s “How I start Elixir”, I’ve got terminal Vim opened in iTerm 2. Also have Chrome open with the Twitter app on the side.

                        So, nothing really interesting– pretty stock OSX experience.

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                          silent__thought desktop

                          Working on some C# code for a custom XML schema inference engine (not XSD).

                          OS and running apps:

                          • Windows 10
                          • Microsoft Edge. Testing it out after my recent upgraded to Windows 10. Super speedy.
                          • Slack
                          • Sublime Text 3
                          • Visual Studio 2015 with NCrunch
                          • PowerShell
                          • ShoreTel Communicator
                          • LINQPad 5
                          • Outlook 2016
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                            My Linux Desktop

                            lenovo x1 i got last week, antergOS with kde plasma. Sublime, Konsole, Yakuake. still working on an optimal configuration

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                              This is my desktop when I’m at work. Nothing really interesting. I guess it’s minimalist. When on the go, the three screens are just windows I swap between.

                              The color theme I use in VIM and iTerm are Tomorrow. I can paste the irssi theme if needed.

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                                My desktop as it has looked since, I shit you not, 2001.

                                My development machine has always been a headless Debian box with copious compute/memory/iops for the era. Web stuff happens on the local machine and I do everything else from the shell in screen and just ssh in from whatever machine I happen to be around (in this case, my home desktop with the big monitor and the good sound; when out and about, my little Debian laptop that gets ~9 hours of battery life).

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                                  My Ubuntu setup running i3, dmenu, dunst (notifications). chrome or surf for browsing. Thought about switching to xmonad but I’d probably just configure it as close as possible to i3, so trying to avoid that yak shave.. maybe if i need some extra power I’ll make the switch.

                                  in the tray: pidgin, networkmanager, blueman-applet, chrome, synergy, slack, shutter

                                  can’t seem to find the best file manager, currently use a combination of ranger, thunar, and nautilus.

                                  T420 laptop, dual boots windows and ubuntu

                                  oddly, xfce4-terminal was one of the better terminals in terms of configurability & font support I tried.. w/ zsh . I try to use bitstream vera sans mono everywhere


                                  still kind of lost/getting-used-to systemd

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                                    My OpenBSD desktop on my Toshiba Portege R830-13C using an external monitor.

                                    awesome, with chrome, vim, tmux, and password gorilla

                                    OpenBSD has been my preferred desktop OS since 2001 :~)

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                                      My current work desktop. I am messing around with running Erlang on DragonflyBSD right now so I was checking that dfly didn’t have an old BSD pipe issue with Erlang. The Elixir project is a website to provide notifications for different sites that we use internally and I am currently getting it ready for open source release. I use pretty much just heavily customized vim and chrome. Most of my work now is web related, split between a node-angular app, elixir-mithril app, and setting up a metrics story for our internal build metrics. Normally I’ll also have the support dashboard open and hipchat somewhere but I am not on support for a while (whoo) so those aren’t always open right now.

                                      This desktop is still getting set up as I only got it <1 week ago and I’m still figuring out what stuff I have to replicate to the other install to get authentication for our internal auth working cause I hate xubuntu.

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                                        What vim theme is that?

                                        1. 2

                                          It’s PaperColor. It even has airline and powerline themes. I’ve been slowly customizing the elixir highlighting. Also the python highlighting is ok, but not great.

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                                        My current desktop

                                        • Two 1080p monitors flanking a WQHD monitor
                                        • Windows 7 with Aero snap to arrange programs
                                        • Chrome
                                        • Living style guide/generated CSS documentation for an internal CSS framework
                                        • WebStorm running a Gulp watcher to regenerate docs/CSS and reload the browser as I save Sass files
                                        • Google Sheet for documenting cross-browser testing
                                        • HipChat for talking with coworkers (I work remotely.)

                                        I used to like dark editor themes, but lately I’ve found that bright ones leave me feeling happier after work. Currently using the Espresso Soda light theme.

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                                          silky’s desktop - basically when i read this message.

                                          running xmonad; there’s basically nothing to see but what i’m running, which this early in the morning me going through my morning “website visits” before getting to work. due to “reasons” i browse lobste.rs only in firefox, and do everything else in chromium, which is on the right. i have a konsole terminal open and use zsh (oh-my-zsh) to get cool handy things like battery state on the right of the terminal

                                          my dotfiles for xmonad/others are here

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                                            due to “reasons” i browse lobste.rs only in firefox, and do everything else in chromium

                                            care to share what those reasons are?

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                                              it’s nothing to do with lobste.rs itself; it’s partly that videos/etc don’t play in chromium, so it’s easier to watch them immediately if i’m in firefox; and also i like the barrier to entry to be a bit higher to opening lobste.rs, so i don’t procrastinate too much :)

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                                            My Desktop

                                            Fairly stock GNOME with only a few extensions, showing Emacs and a word clock on the laptop screen. I live in Emacs, so nothing really fancy to see here. On other workspaces, some non-emacs windows are maximized, one per workspace. (Chrome and Evince, usually, they live outside of Emacs, for now).

                                            1. 2

                                              I like your clock :)

                                              1. 2

                                                It’s some random word clock in HTML+JS I found on GitHub, running in a dedicated browser. Loving it, best use for the laptop screen I found so far :)

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                                              Not going to share my Windows desktop, because I was just browsing lobste.rs, but here’s my Linux VM desktop.

                                              It’s a days old setup so I’m still setting up. Currently tweaking dvtm to my liking. I use it together with dtach and mosh.

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                                                My screenshots

                                                Pretty basic stuff, not on a HiDPI screen so basically one screen for browsing, terminal and general stuff and one screen (actually external monitor) for coding. I’m not such a fan of the full screen on OS X mainly because I find quicker to switch between apps with a simple alt+tab, but on the coding screen I usually run the IDE/editor (IDEA shown) on full screen.

                                                Auto hiding of the Dock to get more useful space (resolution of only 1280x800 on an old 2011 Macbook pro) and chrome for browsing the web, and yes, I usually run that much tabs ;)

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                                                  My desktops: Software used:
                                                  • I run a pretty stock OpenSUSE KDE5 on all my personal machines and virtual machines.
                                                  • I run DWM on low end machines or machines I use through remote desktops (no animations and very little chrome makes it super fast over the network). DWM is also great because as a single C file, it’s easy to install and run anywhwere.
                                                  • At work I’m using Windows because I need to run a bunch of in-house tools but all real work is done through the VNC connection.
                                                  • I use the KDE utilities (Dolphin file manager, Konsole), emacs to edit any files, and Mozilla Firefox is my browser. I also use VirtualBox quite often, and use GNU screen on any machine I access remotely.

                                                  I used to spend hours on configuring my desktop (I ran fluxbox, e16/e17, XFCE, WindowMaker, i3 or wmii for extended periods of time in the past decade), but I just don’t have the time to waste anymore since graduating. KDE has come to a point that it is fast enough and clean enough to run on all systems smoothly, and the default config is very reasonable.

                                                  I also used to distro-hop a lot, but have stuck to OpenSUSE since 12.3. It works very well out of the box, is often supported for commercial third party software, and is more conformant to the vanilla Linux ecosystem compared to Ubuntu.

                                                  1. 3

                                                    My i3-wm setup, based in an Ubuntu respin I’ve been working for some months, minos

                                                    firefox, urxvt, bash.

                                                    1. 3

                                                      Gentoo desktop with Openbox, Conky, Tint2 and xfce4-terminal.

                                                      1. 3
                                                        1. 3

                                                          Cross-post from the other screenshots article.

                                                          Here are some screenshots of my home laptop, nothing too fancy. Also, yes, I know the screen is 1366x768, I actually don’t mind it too much though when I get a new computer it will have a better screen.

                                                          Using Firefox with Pentadactyl (thanks @daGrevis for the setup help!). Pentadactyl theme is Gruvbox.

                                                          Vim with Airline and a bunch of other plugins

                                                          My desktop (yes, with Unity. It’s actually not that bad)

                                                          I’m using Guake as my terminal emulator, zsh as shell

                                                          My .vimrc

                                                          1. 3

                                                            I was going to submit one, but I use a number of workspaces, each mostly taken up by a single thing: an emacs window, a browser, or maybe a pair of terminals tiled horizontally (IRC/XMPP). The screenshot turned out to be uninteresting.

                                                            1. 3

                                                              I think that goes for the majority of people who code. I did a screenshot, but never put it up for the same reason. Most of the time, one monitor is open to docs, email and calendar, while the other monitor has an IDE and terminal open.

                                                            2. 3

                                                              My personal laptop. Window manager is i3, brower is ~~Firefox~~ Iceweasel (which clears the dubious bar of being the least unsatisfactory browser available). I’ve fiddled with the keymap for i3 (the offset from vim directionals in the default keybinding is an inexcusable mistake) and obviously messed with ~~Firefox~~ Iceweasel some to get the UI reasonably compact, but for the most part things are pretty vanilla. I’ve put nearly all the configuration I care about into a dotfiles repo that’s then installed with stow so I can be set up and happy on a fresh install in literally minutes.

                                                              As I mentioned in the other thread, my work setup is much larger (1920x1080 + 3840x2160 + 1600x900), but otherwise similar. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to screenshot because everything of interest is work-related and so I can’t show it, so it would mostly just show off my taste in backgrounds. =) As an aside, the 4k monitor is great for programming work; it’s physically big enough that I can fit huge volumes of text onscreen at once, which translates almost directly to increased productivity and reduced mental overhead as I have to do much, much less shuffling through offscreen resources to get to what I want.

                                                              1. 3

                                                                Boojum’s desktop

                                                                Emacs on Xubuntu, nothing too fancy. Usually I have more Emacs splits, Firefox tabs, and terminals open but I just logged in relatively recently. Work machine is pretty similar except for Gnome 2 instead of Xfce, higher res, taller conky (3x the CPU bars), Pidgin above that, and usually an image viewer alongside Emacs and the terminals.

                                                                1. 3

                                                                  OSX, istat, bartender, growl, iterm + vim (tmuxinator, nerdtree, ctrlp, etc..) nothing special :-)

                                                                  1. 4


                                                                    Because it’s the Common Desktop Environment!

                                                                    1. 5

                                                                      Ironically, I find twm to be the most useful of the non-tiled X11 wms. My complex fvwm2 configuring 25 yr old self would be ashamed.

                                                                    2. 2


                                                                      Void linux, i3, vim. Usually with seoul or solarized themes at the moment. Not much interesting stuff going on. I use i3-blocks for the status bar, the only interesting thing on there imo is the modified repos stat, showin how many repos I’ve got with unpushed changes, which uses myrepos.

                                                                      1. 2

                                                                        My Desktop - basically stock KDE Plasma 5 on Fedora 22. Nothing fancy.

                                                                        1. 2

                                                                          Keeping it simple in OS X

                                                                          I like to remove everything except what’s necessary for a workspace. The desktop is for items that need to be sorted, or are currently on my plate.

                                                                          Here’s what I’ve customized:

                                                                          • Bartender: OS X app to hide menu bar icons you don’t want. I love this so much.
                                                                          • Custom zsh prompt: self-explanatory
                                                                          • Dock: remove everything except what I use regularly

                                                                          No multiple monitors (grateful for just one big monitor financed by my company) or multiple workspaces.

                                                                          1. 1

                                                                            Why iTerm and not Terminal?

                                                                            1. 1

                                                                              Good question! I started using iTerm back when Terminal had been a bit neglected and never thought about it til now.

                                                                            2. 1

                                                                              How many things do you end up hiding with Bartender? I tried it out, but I ended up ditching it because I usually only ended up only hiding 3 or 4 things with it… just didn’t seem worth it.

                                                                              1. 3

                                                                                I hide Bluetooth (only toggle it on/off occasionally), Flux, and 1Password. I like all of them but I rarely need their menu bar icon.

                                                                                I really like having things out of sight I guess. :)

                                                                            3. 2

                                                                              My current laptop screen. This is a MacBook Pro running OS X. iTerm2 with tmux, irssi running on one side, programming work on the other (it’s not always like this. It’s just like this currently). Firefox running fullscreen as well.

                                                                              1. 2

                                                                                wally desktop

                                                                                Debian testing on a Thinkpad x230 using spectrwm, some xterms, and emacs.

                                                                                1. 2

                                                                                  The screenshot of my desk isn’t the interesting bit.

                                                                                  The interesting bits are…

                                                                                  • It’s a standup desk with a wee electric motor that changes it to a sit desk when I’m tired. Mostly (>70%) I stand.
                                                                                  • I have two monitors on arms, The left is rotated so it is in portrait mode, and the right is landscape.
                                                                                  • Everything “full screen”, so currently I have firefox with lobster full screen on left and terminator full screen on right.
                                                                                  • Typically I run emacs, either splitting the frame vertical on landscape or horizontally on the portrait screen.
                                                                                  • I often “make-frame” to have two emacs frames full screen on portrait and landscape.
                                                                                  • I have a Vietnamese coffee drip filter providing the essentials.
                                                                                  • And a pile of electronics and cables to the gadgets I program.
                                                                                  1. 1

                                                                                    Gentoo desktop with Openbox, Conky, Tint2 and xfce4-terminal.

                                                                                    1. 1

                                                                                      Typical hjst 2015 desktop. Vanilla Fedora GNOME session. My laptop screen is only 1280×800 so I run everything full screen and use tmux to tile my terminal windows.