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      The most amazing part is that the whole Stable Diffusion setup, which was a complicated process to install and make work, has turned in about a month in a simple app that you download in your computer. The true power of open source.

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      I installed DiffusionBee a few days ago, which appears to be functionally identical to this. (Actually I’m not sure it has the gallery view.) It takes about a minute to generate an image on my M1 MBP, but I assume that’s normal.

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      *M1 or M2 mac required.

      Please someone with a Mac tell us how well this works.

      I guess that’s no worse than the original project requiring a Nvidia GPU, not putting that in the requirements and only telling me until I try to run it :( Currently trying some other stuff to get it to work on my AMD GPU.

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        Just tried it. Similarly to reply above, works exceptionally well on the M1 MPB. It does require an initial internet connection to download about 4.5 GBs of weights, which makes sense.

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        Works flawlessly on my M1 MBP. It’s also one of the few applications that have a noticeable impact on battery life & generated heat.