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    I’ve been vaguely following the Gitea news, but I guess I didn’t realize there was any impetus to fork or move away from the existing codebase. I suppose I could see why Codeberg, with its own identity and concerns and policies, wouldn’t want to be subject to some Gitea company, but it’s harder for me to see why Forgejo would be any more valuable to me, as a random operator, than Gitea.

    e: Would any of the other commenters planning on moving mind sharing some more of their reasoning, for someone like myself still unsure why I would want to switch to Forgejo?

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      One reason you might want to switch to Forgejo is that all the Gitea federation developers have joined the Forgejo project so Forgejo will be getting federation support much sooner than Gitea.

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        Welp, that’s me sold

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      Hm, interesting development. Have to update my Gitea instance anyway, so I’ll use this opportunity to switch to Forgejo.

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        Interesting, I’ll try replacing tomorrow. I hope they integrate CI in the future.

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          Not natively, I’m guessing, but they endorse (and use on Codeberg) Woodpecker.

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            Ah yeah it makes sense. I currently run Jenkins on a separate machine, but it’s a very cluncky tool for my use case. I dhould give Woodpecker a try - thanks!

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          I typically don’t comment on names but this ones seems terrible to me because I have no idea how to pronounce two syllables out of three even in my head for myself.

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            Agreed, but they do provide help: https://forgejo.org/static/forgejo.mp4

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              It’s inspired by Esperanto, and uses that pronunciation.