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    I wish denial of service were a big deal but the modern approach to software development seems to be very sloppy. Ran out of RAM? Too bad, don’t open that document. Hope the OOM killer hits the right target next time. What, doesn’t everyone run Linux – with OOM killer enabled? You heretic! Software resources should be infinite and never artificially limited! Ran out of fds and crashed because the software couldn’t get an shm handle for critical IPC? Nah, we don’t care to design the software to be resilient against that type of thing.

    There’s a ton of widely used software out there that is just trivial to OOM and crash.

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      I wish everything I owned were finely crafted, but sometimes I buy plastic crap that gets the job done alright.

      Software could be made differently, but we haven’t (politically) figured out how to fund goods with zero marginal cost in a way that would enable that.