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    This is a sad day. It’s quite a shame, uMatrix is always the first addon I install. It’s 100% essential for me.

    I know it’s still usable, but now the addon is unmaintained and unsupported.

    At least I now have a reason to learn JS.

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      uMatrix is always the first addon I install

      Same here. Actually, I just checked, and it’s the only one I have installed.

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        I have been using uMatrix daily for a few years now. I’ll make sure to contribute to any fork that gets more attention.

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        I’m never sure why these are considered notable. If it’s useful to you, maintain it yourself. If it’s not useful enough for anyone to put work into, but many expected someone else to work on it for them, well… maybe we’ve discovered why they don’t want to anymore.

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          Personally I was always confused why uMatrix exists.

          uBlock Origin with Medium mode, allow blocking JavaScript:


          so after that, all thats left is cookies. To work around that, I block all Third-party cookies with Firefox.

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            uMatrix (like the name implies) works in two dimensions: hosts & media type (one of cookie, css, image, media, script, XHR, frame, other). Also the UI is quite a lot more fluid than uBlock’s, I think.

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              The inverse of this would ask “why does uBlock exist?” uMatrix does everything that uBlock does, and gives finer-grained control. Seems like the years have proven though that most people just want to install a blocker and be done with it instead of endlessly fiddling with it (certainly true for me at least).

              I guess gorhill figures he has time enough for one of these projects, so might as well make it the popular one.

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                And I’m glad they did. Because while I love my umatrix config, it would be far more a problem to ditch ublock origin. For me, family members and relatives. Because it’s more powerful for blocking without having to do anything. (And sometimes I have to disable umatrix, so the anti-detection of ublock can do its work, while with umatrix everything (understandably) is broken.)

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                  Seems like the years have proven though that most people just want to install a blocker and be done with it…

                  This, but for so many things in addition to ad-blocking. I have things to do and I have only very minimal OCD-like tendencies. This means that the less I have to think about, the more I actually get done and, as it turns out, the happier I am.

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                  I use both together and that’s pretty fine.

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                  Ow. I hope development will continue in some other form. I really liked the interface, and I accumulated a pretty long list of rules over the years. The rule syntax does seem similar to the ublock one though, so hopefully moving it is trivial

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                    Is this recent spat of ending development a Corona casualty, a natural course of things with better reporting, or people in the time of Corona having the time to mull things over and pick the best path even if it’s extreme?

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                      I think you won’t get a truth for this. But it could simply be that some people are forced to think more about this with corona and have to decide. Otherwise they might get overwhelmed by all these problems.

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                        It’s likely mostly independent of COVID, but I have as much evidence as everyone else here. Another element might be just how public the recent resignations have been, validating other maintainers already considering making the same decision.

                        It’s certainly some combination of all these things (and maybe a few more), but what are the weights? That’s the missing half of the question I’m most curious about. I’d love it if someone did some kind of journalistic investigation, interviewing these maintainers and charting up statistics.