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    I don’t write Go and don’t really intend to start… But that looks like a very nice sort of setup no matter what language it’s in. If those with more experience in backend see deficiencies, I’d be interested in hearing them.

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      Not a comment with a deficiency, but this is very similar to how things are set up with Clojure, ring for serving and Compojure for routing.

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      The only thing we do differently is we have controllers (i.e. server types) for each functional area vs. a single server instance.

      You can also chain middleware https://github.com/blend/go-sdk/blob/master/web/util.go#L24 vs. wrapping the functions (makes it easier to have a standard array of middleware that you pass around).

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        Thank you for the example! It’s useful as I embark on my first http service in golang.